Commit e22073ab authored by Julien Schröter's avatar Julien Schröter

Select count of distinct pools when validating common pools

parent c6332b15
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......@@ -783,7 +783,7 @@ func (m *MySQLDuelQuery) SetPool(duelID, poolID, userID uint32) (*schemas.DuelSc
user2 := duel.Participants[1].ID
// Check if selected pool exists
pool := db.QueryRow("SELECT COUNT(`user`) FROM `user_pool` WHERE `pool`=? AND (`user`=? OR `user`=?)", poolID, user1, user2)
pool := db.QueryRow("SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT `user`) FROM `user_pool` WHERE `pool`=? AND (`user`=? OR `user`=?)", poolID, user1, user2)
var c uint32
if err := pool.Scan(&c); err != nil || c != 2 {
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