Commit 96a85ce9 authored by Julien Schröter's avatar Julien Schröter Committed by Frederik Wegner

Resolve "Balance occurrence of questions"

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......@@ -269,6 +269,23 @@ const queryDuelsByUser = "SELECT `duel`.`idduel`, `duel`.`round_current`, `duel`
"WHERE `idduel` IN (SELECT `duel` FROM `duel_player_score` WHERE `user` = ?)" +
"ORDER BY `idduel`"
// queryQuestionsForNewRound randomly queries questions for a new duel round. Questions which
// weren't played often by both users are preferred. Thus, the score for each question is
// calculated using the formula (#u1)^2 + (#u2) with some random factors for
// variance. #u1 and #u2 are the numbers of times the question has been played by the
// corresponding user.
const queryQuestionsForNewRound = "SELECT `pool_question`.`question` FROM `pool_question`" +
"JOIN `question` ON (`pool_question`.`question` = `question`.`idquestion`)" +
"LEFT JOIN `roundquestion` ON (`roundquestion`.`question`=`pool_question`.`question`)" +
"LEFT JOIN `useranswer` ON (`roundquestion`.`idroundquestion`=`useranswer`.`roundquestion`)" +
"`pool_question`.`pool`=? " +
"AND `pool_question`.`question` NOT IN (SELECT `question` FROM `roundquestion` INNER JOIN `round` ON (`round`.`idround` = `roundquestion`.`round`) WHERE `duel`=?)" +
"AND `question`.`published`=1 " +
"GROUP BY `pool_question`.`question`" +
"ORDER BY POW(COUNT(IF(`useranswer`.`user`=? AND RAND()<.9, 1, NULL)), 2) + POW(COUNT(IF(`useranswer`.`user`=? AND RAND()<.9, 1, NULL)), 2)" +
// DuelQuery provides functions to create, get and update duels in datastores.
// There can be various implementations for different datastores.
type DuelQuery interface {
......@@ -852,7 +869,7 @@ func (m *MySQLDuelQuery) SetPool(duelID, poolID, userID uint32) (*schemas.DuelSc
// Select questions and create roundquestions
questions, errQuestions := tx.Query("SELECT `pool_question`.`question` FROM `pool_question` JOIN `question` ON (`pool_question`.`question` = `question`.`idquestion`) WHERE `pool_question`.`pool`=? AND `pool_question`.`question` NOT IN (SELECT `question` FROM `roundquestion` INNER JOIN `round` ON (`round`.`idround` = `roundquestion`.`round`) WHERE `duel`=?) AND `question`.`published`=1 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT ?", poolID, duelID, QuestionsPerRound)
questions, errQuestions := tx.Query(queryQuestionsForNewRound, poolID, duelID, user1, user2, QuestionsPerRound)
if errQuestions != nil {
return nil, errQuestions
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