Commit c71ee458 authored by Maurice Kraus's avatar Maurice Kraus
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build: this updates the gitrise build start message

parent da6cf102
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......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ trigger_build () {
build_url=$(echo "$response" | jq ".build_url" | sed 's/"//g')
build_slug=$(echo "$response" | jq ".build_slug" | sed 's/"//g')
printf "\nHold on... We're about to liftoff! 🚀\n \nBuild URL: %s\n" "${build_url}"
printf "\nHold on... We're about to liftoff! 🚀\n \nTo follow the build in real time, please visit %s\n" "${build_url}"
get_build_status () {
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